Improving Quality and Safety in Radiation Medicine

Process Maps

My kingdom for a map! Few things in quality and safety are as essential as process maps. Here we present a few generic ones to get you started.


Process Maps

The first step in almost all quality and safety endeavors is to define your process. Unless you know what you're doing, or are planning to do, it is very difficult to do it safely and properly.

The three generic process maps presented below form the basis of our Flexible Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

They're really helpful as a starting point if you're planning to implement one of the processes described, but they are also useful if you're reviewing your current processes.

It is important that you spend a few of minutes browsing through these processes, you'll want to be familiar with them when you move on to the Flexible FMEA.

Generic Treatment Process Map

Generic trueBEAM Process Map

Coming soon!

Generic VMAT Process Map

Coming soon!