Improving Quality and Safety in Radiation Medicine

The Quality Improvement ToolBox

Easy to use tools that give you results quickly - that's what the Quality Improvement ToolBox is all about. We'll have your quality programs up and running in no time.


Register for TreatSafely's Quality Improvement ToolBox

Registering for the Quality Improvement ToolBox is completely free of charge and there are absolutely no obligations.

To get started, you'll need to nominate a lead person from your institution (probably yourself), then have that person register your institution below. You'll receive an email asking you to confirm your registration and providing you with a code that identifies your institution.

You can then have other people at your institution register using the code provided in your registration email. When people register using your institution's code, they are automatically registered as part of your organization's quality improvement team.

By default, the first person to register the institution is the lead for that institution. This can always be changed at a later date using the admin page. To keep the process running smoothly, the lead person has special permissions to add and delete data that others on the team do not.



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