Improving Quality and Safety in Radiation Medicine

Interactive Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you develop and deploy effective, efficient quality and safety programs with minimal effort.


Minimizing Error, Maximizing Quality Workshops

Our workshops provide individuals with the skills and materials required to implement effective, efficient quality and safety programs within their own organizations. These programs help to reduce the likelihood of errors, improve learning from errors that do occur, and ultimately lead to better care for patients.

When you come to one of our workshops you learn how to implement effective, efficient quality and safety programs. When you leave one of our workshops you'll take with you electronic versions of all the course material, including presentation slides, exercises, and notes for instructors. This means you're not empty handed when you return to your clinic, it also means that you could run the entire course, as is, for your colleagues.

Minimizing Error, Maximizing Quality workshops run over two days and include:

  • 7 hours of didactic instruction
  • 6 hours of practical, hands-on skill development
  • Electronic versions of all course materials, including instructor notes and exercise guides
  • Exercise workbook
  • Approved by CAMPEP for Medical Physics Continuing Education Credits
  • MDCB accreditated

Developed and presented by recognized experts in the fields of quality and error management, the workshops introduce the following concepts:

  • Human Factors
  • Preventive Measures
  • Incident Learning
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Quality Management

A unique feature of these workshops is that over half of the class time is devoted to facilitated practical exercises, creating an intensive and effective educational experience.

Optimizing Departmental Workflow - Improving Quality and Safety


TreatSafely is proud to announce a novel collaboration with Varian Medical Systems. Our new multidisciplinary workshops, now offered through Varian's Worldwide Training Program, combine practical quality and safety training with targeted integration into Varian's product offerings.

Practical learning, direct benefit. It's quality and safety at its best!

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